Using Essential Oils for Headaches

7e17ed97227fc77a9f8c6f86aa92b955There are different types of headaches, and each of them has its own remedy and way of healing. Here is a list of a few essential oils that can be helpful, depending on the type of headache. There are also numerous ways that they can be used: in a diffuser, inhalation, or skin application.

General Headaches

Peppermint oil and Rosemary oil are the best for the case of general headaches. A drop of Peppermint oil dabbed over the aching spot should be enough to ease the pain. Other essential oils that can be helpful are Basil, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Patchouli, Frankincense, and Marjoram.


This headache appears if you’ve eaten something bad, or something that doesn’t soothe you. Peppermint is great with this too, as well as Rosemary and Lavender. You may choose to inhale the oil directly from the bottle or from a diffuser.


Factors such as stress, sleep deprivation, and dehydration usually cause migraines. It is usually followed with nausea and high sensitivity. To cure this headache use Peppermint oil in combination with Basil, and add some Wintergreen with Ylang Ylang.


Tension headaches appear due to stress. The feeling of dull pain on the left and right side of the scull is a recognizable side effect of this type of headache. Applying Peppermint oil on the skin, or inhaling it should be enough to make it go away. If the oil by itself is too strong, dilute it with Basil, or Rosemary.

For preventative purposes, if you feel like you’re stressed and you might get a headache, you can mix four different oils together to make a solution for preventative purposes. Take 4 drops of Sweet Marjoram, 4 drops of Linaloe Wood, and 2 drops of Neroli, and add 4 tea spoons of carrier oil. Mix it well and massage into skin.

For preventing a headache caused by menstrual pain take 4 drops of Sweet Marjoram, 2 drops of Valerian, and 4 drops of Lavender, add 4 tea spoons of carrier oil and massage into skin.

Applying the Blends

The best way to use pure essential oils for headaches is to apply them regionally, on a restricted area. They are also best in combination with base oils, like sweet almond. Make a mix and massage it on a localized area of the skin where the pain is for maximum effect.

Using a few drops of Peppermint oil distributed across the head is the best remedy for headache. Another possibility is massaging a diluted solution into the skin and covering more skin with it.

Approximately 1% of essential oil should be enough for every day massaging. For heavier headaches use at most 5% of oil, but not more. That means 1 drop of essential oil should be dropped into 1 tea spoon of base oil, and 5% would be five drops into 1 tea spoon.images

Aromatic Use

If you’d prefer, you can also use these oils in another way. You might inhale them directly from the bottle, or use a diffuser for a more subtle application. Also, you may damp a cotton ball and place it nearby. However, these techniques are not as effective as direct application.

HCG diet methods

images (1)If you are considering going on an hCG diet, you probably already know about the types of taking the hormones. There are three different types of hCG intake: pharmaceutical HCG injections, pharmaceutical HCG drops, and homeopathic HCG drops.

What is obvious is that injections require needles, and others do not. Comparing the two pharmaceutical products, there is very little difference between them. Here is a more detailed description of each type, to help you chose the one which suits you most.

Pharmaceutical HCG Injections

Since this was the original method of taking hCG, dating back to the 1950s when they were introduced by doctor Simeons, it is the most common one, and they have become the standard.

The drawback of the injections is the fact that you have to inject it into your body. You can inject it where ever on your body, like buttocks, upper arm, but most commonly they are injected into the abdominal area. Since many people aren’t quite fond of injecting themselves, they have someone to do it for them, and they can inject them in the back as well. Side effects that include swelling, itchiness, cramping, or pain might occur where you’ve been injected, but they are temporary and not dangerous.

What people don’t know when they opt for this method is all the additional supplies they’ll need to do it properly. Stuff like syringes, needles, sterile pads, storage bottles, and so on are mandatory in order to apply the mix safely. Also, best hcg needs to be in the refrigerator all the time. It will be a costly mistake if you fail to follow the instructions correctly.

Pharmaceutical HCG Drops

With hCG drops it’s much easier than with the injections, and there is no complicated procedures. You take them under your tongue and that’s it. The drops are then absorbed through the skin into the blood vessels that are under the tongue. However this method is not as efficient as injections, so you’d need to use more hCG to get the same effect as you would with injections.

Even though they are more convenient for usage, they are more expensive, since you need to take more hCG to get the same effect. Also, you still need to buy all the same supplies, but without the syringes and needles, and the process for mixing and storing hCG is the same.images

Homeopathic HCG Drops

These drops are pre-mixed and sold in little brown bottles that have droppers for applying. Like the pharmaceutical drops, you take them under your tongue, and they are absorbed. They work best if you take them more often, but since there is no need to buy all the supplies for mixing and storing, they are the cheapest choice of the three. They don’t need to be refrigerated, just keep them wherever you want.

They should be taken 2-6 times a day and held under the tongue for a couple of minutes. You shouldn’t eat or drink anything at least for 15 minutes before taking the drops, and after. Since the drops are not very testy, 2 minutes might seem like a long time, but compared to injections it’s less hassle, and less time consuming. If you are also looking for a powerful weight loss supplement, read this phen375 review to find out more about the best selling product online.


muscle building

In this article we listed some guidelines that could serve beginners in devising a plan of nutrition, with an emphasis on increasing weight and getting muscle mass. Further information can be found at:

Always eat equal meals 5-6 a day.Drink at least three liters of water a day.With each meal you should be taking 30g protein. Use high-quality protein sources, for example: tuna, chicken, milk, whey protein. If you are skinny at the beginning, do not be afraid if you’re going through this diet and get some fat.

It’s hard to gain mass muscle, and not gain some fat along the way. In the initial phase of bodybuilding better to concentrate on increasing your weight, and when you have accumulated a solid basis (both muscle mass and strength), then you can get to “shaping” of your body and removing fat deposits. Of course that does not mean that in a period when you are working on your weight you can be eating anything and in unlimited quantities just because it suits you.

muscle building

The process of putting on a mass should not be an excuse for devouring large amounts of chocolate and similar things – they will not help you put on some muscles. Your daily calorie intake should be around 45 x bodyweight. Or, if you have 70 pounds, per day you should take about 3150 calories. Supplements you take as a bonus are just what their name suggests-supplements. Do not think that if you take two meals a day and one serving of a weight – gainer you are going to grow and look like Dorian Yates. This is a mistake that many young people make.

The main source of calories you take should be coming from food, a weight – gainers are there as a supplement, a tool that ensures a simple way to give yourself extra calories you need. Also, out of one box of weight- gainer nobody achieved astonishing results within a month. Getting muscle is a slow process – you should give it time and optimize the conditions necessary for muscle development (food, training, rest). If there was a simple and easy way to get muscles, the world would be full of 120 pound dudes with a 50cm hand. Eat every three hours (except at night when you sleep). As soon as you get up, have breakfast. Leave morning hygiene for after the breakfast. Breakfast is a very important meal of the day – it is helping you to get out of the catabolic state in which you are in the morning. If you are taking creatine or legal steroids , take it 30-45 minutes before breakfast, for maximum absorption ofcreatine. Immediately after the training take about 30g of simple carbohydrates, and no later than two hours after a workout, eat good quality meal rich in carbohydrates and proteins. At least 8 hours of sleep is required. If you do all this you should get some noticeable results very fast, but be patient and good thing will come. State of your mind is also very important, you need to think right.  Do not skip a meal and give up your unhealthy habits (alcohol, fast food and staying up late). You need to give something in order to get something!

If you are interested in legal steroids, read this awesome review on crazy bulk supplements to understand which is right for you.

How to trim down those pounds for the summer

Weight is an important issue when it comes to your health. Every person needs to control their weight. Some control their weight for health benefits while some do it for cosmetic reasons. No matter the reason, there is a need to trim down the excess pounds for the summer. But how can one do it safely?

If you want to trim those extra pounds, the first thing is to set the right goals and then achieve them. Setting these objectives helps one to know what to eat, how to eat, things to engage in and other necessities. The useful goals must be attainable, specific and forgiving. To achieve this, consider the following.


One method on wow to trim down those pounds for the summer is to take a 30 to 60 minute walk daily. It is among the fine exercise that drops the extra pounds. Walking makes your body active. Walking helps to burn those calories and benefit the body as well Take a walk after you have taken some meals as this offloads the eaten food.

Sniff peppermint, apples or bananas

This is a tricky one Scientists advise people to sniff the three foods mentioned above. But how does it help to lose weight. Sniffing them makes a person feel less hungry and, therefore, they do not eat. This means not taking any food and making the body use the stored energy. In the long run, it helps to reduce some pounds. Sniffing tricks the brain that you have eaten when in an actual sense you have not taken something.

Avoid prepared food

Today, many people are getting ready made foods with high concentrations of corn syrup, fructose and sugar. The trick is to get foods containing less sugar or substitute them with fruits. Avoid hydrogenated foods but take food with a high concentration of fiber.

Low aerobic exercise

For anyone looking to lose those pounds for the summer, they can start early taking the low impact aerobics for 40 minutes. Do this 3 or 4 times a week. Cardio exercises help to increase the metabolism that makes the body burn the excess pounds quickly. To do the aerobics, the body uses more calories. The calories help to shape the bodyline.


Fishing calms your mind. Fishing lets your brain relax and involves a lot of small and intricate movements that help you to burn fat. Not to mention, sunlight help you to lose weight  and all the Vitamin D that comes with it are great health benefits to being outside with a top spinning reel in hand.

Sleep more

People who sleep for fewer hours are prone to obesity. If you are looking to cut some pounds for the summer, increase your sleeping hours. Ghrelin increases making you gain some extra weight. You can reduce the ghrelin in your body by sleeping for many hours and these aids in reducing the pounds.

Avoid booze

Drinking alcohol is known to give the body more calories. One bottle of beer can give as many calories. For anyone who wants to reduce the pounds, avoid the booze intake. Remember that taking alcohol makes a person to eat more To shed those pounds, say no to alcohol consumption.

Good eating behavior

One simple way of losing the pound is to engage in a good eating behavior. For example, you have to eat at the table. Sit down and pay attention to what you eat. You have to chew your food a lot. If you chew a lot, you eat less since a message is sent to the brain making it feel as though you are full. This makes you eat less. Finally, eat more plant-based foods.