How to Excite Him With Lingerie

downloadMany girls out there wan to dress up for their men in order to spice things up a but, but the problem lies in the fact that most of them don’t actually know anything about the sexy lingerie, let alone how to properly wear it. Curvy girls probably have the biggest problem with this type of underwear because they are just too self conscious to give it a go. Well, these girls need to understand that men aren’t really that picky, and if you pick out and properly wear some sexy lingerie, no matter if it’s a plus size lingerie, you’ll blow his mind. So, in order to achieve that, you need to follow some tips we’re going to give to you, and you just read up and try to achieve them.

The first thing the ladies need to know is that this sexy lingerie is for him as much as it is for you. Think of you in a lingerie as your sexy secret alter-ego, and that will allow you not to have any limits. Also, remember that you are in control of what you’re going to wear, but let him be in control of when you’re going to take it off, and if he likes it so much, you might not have to take it off at all! Most guys even say that a woman in a sexy lingerie is hotter than a completely naked woman.

Making something different in your sex life is an important aspect of wearing sexy lingerie, and try to make sure than your man knows it. That will make the sex a lot hotter, and your feelings towards each other will be amplified. Try wearing the sexy lingerie under your regular clothes, and when you get home from work, show him that. He’ll go berserk!

imagesKeep in mind that the anticipation leads to an awesome sex, so while you’re out on a date, let him know that you’re wearing this sexy underwear, and the feeling of the sexual frenzy will go through the roof! The teasing, the flirting… it will overwhelm you both.

Try to do something special with the sexy lingerie you’ve just bought. If you’re alone in your apartment with your man, excuse yourself by saying that you have to go to the bathroom and brush your teeth for example, and while you’re there, slip into the lingerie and present yourself to him. He’ll be mad with desire, and our advice is to get something that’s not that expensive, because ripping of the clothes might occur in this moment of passion.

And finally, one of the best ways to have fun and turn your man on with some sexy lingerie is by playing some dress-up. Surprise him with a sexy costume, and dress up as anything you like, or anything he likes. Also, make sure you have some accessories on, like a ruler if you’re a schoolgirl, handcuffs if you’re dressing up as a policewoman, etc.

These simple tips will help you excite him with some sexy lingerie, and by following them, you two will have a long, active and spicy sex life.

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