First Impression

downloadIt’s no secret that women are difficult to read. Picture the most beautiful, desirable girl you know, one whom you know quite well. You know from experience that the smallest, most trivial action can put a smile on her face for weeks on end. But be careful, because you also know that an even smaller, completely innocent action can put her on a warpath from Hell. Contrary to popular belief, what makes most women so complex and difficult to understand is not a genetic component of insanity, but rather the fact they read into every single move you make, breaking down all of your actions until every possible analysis has been brainstormed. The way you say goodnight, the delay between the text messages you send, the fact that you looked for a second too long at the tiny blonde waitress with the butterfly tattoo. It is no secret that women have a tendency to scrutinize all situations in life. However, there’s one area of life that men, rather than women are guilty of overthinking, a concept that is truly quite simple and has the potential to be mastered by any man- the art of seduction. Dr. David Tian’s The Desire System Review can help you with that.

I’m just going to save us all some time and cut straight to the point- no woman wants a “nice man.” If she does, then maybe she’s never had a truly satisfying sexual experience and does not know any better. If that’s the case, here’s your chance to change that. When making a first impression with a woman you find attractive, do not try to come off as the “nice guy” unless you enjoy being friend zoned or treated like her older brother. That is not to say that women want men that disrespect them and make them miserable, so don’t just start acting like a douchebag. The key is to exhibit personality traits that women find physically and emotionally attractive. Let’s start with confidence.

There is nothing, and I truly mean nothing, more unattractive than a man who comes off as insecure. A woman can be as independent and feministic as she wants to be, but her sexual desires will likely still include a dominant man, and a man cannot be dominant if he lacks confidence. Remember, a first impression is something you will never get back, which is why you need to spark sexual tension from the get (1)

The key to sparking sexual tension begins with what you say. Let her know you find her physically attractive without actually saying it. That would be too easy. Pick something about her- could be her hair, her earrings, her eyes, and draw attention to it. Let her know through your eye contact and smirk that she intrigues you physically. Whatever aspect of her you choose to focus on, compliment it first, but then say something else to keep her interested. Tease her a little bit. Not to make her upset, but to show her you are confident enough to do so. In addition to charming dialogue, physical touch is another essential component here. Remember, this is a first impression, so you must be light and casual- you do not want to make her uncomfortable. Lightly touching her leg, letting your fingers graze hers- whatever it is, be careful not to let it go on for too long. In fact, only let it happen for a second. Get her heart pounding a little, make her blush, excite some butterflies in her stomach. Remember: First impression important- not so you impress her in the moment, but so she cannot stop thinking about the sensual way you made her feel in one short conversation.


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